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West Javan food and drink methods


West Javanese food and drink methods can be an option for longing when the epidemic forces everyone to leave home, at a time when the government encourages everyone to stay at home for normal health reasons.


If we can remember, in early March 2009, we first discovered that two Indonesians were positive for the coronavirus. The virus spreads rapidly, and even today, even as the vaccine begins to circulate, there are still restrictions in different regions.


Because of some tourist attractions, particularly for tourism, visitors even need to get quick negative results if they want to visit. the tourist attractions of the Bogorue Botanic Garden, one of the natural attractions in West Java.


In discussing tourism, Bogore, famous for its turro sponge, yellow nodes and wet spring addresses, is certainly not from the common table of the region A meal can be an option for murmuring, and your West Javenez food and drinks at home do not need to be cooked immediately.


West Java cuisine spreading throughout Indonesia, Tahoe Gejrott to Seblast

It is also known as perfume, a variety of foods commonly eaten among foods. It is compatible with small pieces, but for some, it can also compensate for Ceblack, a typical meal in Bandung, West Java.


You are certainly not a stranger to spices with this spice; one of the most popular West Javanese food and drink  methods  , Seabluc, in the colonial era. Since then, the Cianjura region itself has been located in the Seblak region, and the main part of Seblak is the crackers, not just any crackers, but the crackers are the symbol of orange silk made of shrimp.


Meatballs, legs, quaido, nodels, and pot mushrooms are often used as supplements for one of these foods, which are quite easy to do, and first wet weather needs to be prepared. First, you need to prepare wet weather, grey, grey, orange leaves, orange leaves, orange leaves, leaves, hot leaves, sugar, sugar, and salt.


After eating all the spices together, wash the spices until they are fragrant, add 250 millimetres of water and move around with the eggs. Also fitted with green, sauce, meatballs, legs, nodels, and other components, eventually leave orange raw animals as the main characteristic of the Seblak Bandung.


The above method is a simple bike method: you can get a variety of other seblacks in the ways of West Javanese food and drinks  on the  internet.


TDH is a simple, very easy West Javenz delicacy, a simple, easy-to-use delicacy called Tahoe Gajrov As mentioned in the name, the original dishes of Jettison, Silicon Valley, and Siribon Regency are made from jewelry, as well as some of the following items:


The components of the Brown Flush Soup

  1. 1/4 Brown sugar
  2. 2 tbsp Sweet Sony Software
  3. If the tarmac is to taste,
  4. Salt


Uleg taste:

  1. Gaelic
  2. Shirley
  3. Physical pepper to taste


First, fill the locked short forehead until golden and then extract it. Boil the salt up to 500 millimeters of salt, while the Uleg tastes good flavor, onions, chile to taste.


Finally, add pieces of padlock taffu to the top by pouring water with chocolate gravity, and all the shorts are covered with spices Ready to enjoy gajrottofu until it’s dominated, and Gejrot Tofu is fit to enjoy anywhere and anywhere.


West Javan food recipes easily and fast

After discussing the recipe, we now move on to West Javenian food and drinking  methods, and western Javanese specialties can vary considerably from vegetables to meat.


The first food we’re going to discuss is cardboard, a Sundans-style salad itself. Unlike western-style salads that mix leaf oil or olive oil, the caridoid uses peanut sauce as a supplement.


The use of raw vegetables in central Java as a major component is almost similar to that of ants in central Java, and Karedok himself is divided into three categories: Eggplant Karedok, Leunca, and Long Bean.


Of course, the vegetable used for the Leanca-type carat is Leanca fruit, usually selected by leanka fruits that are still green or not. Often, raw eggs are key components while they are in the radiation category, and they are the main components of vegetables and cabbage.


Eventually, the long vietnamese bark was overwhelmed with beans and spices. The packed caradot is also following the taste of the surrounding community, so it is no surprise that some parts of Indonesia have added other vegetables and vegetables.


When you’re looking for West Javanese food and drink recipes  on the Internet,  the food he has to come up with is sarte maranji. First of all, this beef pill The difference is that this sarcophagus goes through a nautical process that is liquid, delicate and full of flavor and long enough to produce a full taste.


Of course, the main ingredient in making this sarte is to cut meat into small squares, and you can add beef fat to the restaurant’s perfume. Then prepare the following marinade:


  1. 1/4 grams of brown sugar or javani sugar.
  2. 5 brown brown
  3. 5 Singing 5
  4. 3 Engine River sections
  5. 3 Gallanga Finger Part 3
  6. Tamarin water to taste
  7. Salt
  8. Yolk


All the spices above apply to pierced beef, cover with papaya leaves, and fully absorb the spices Stand up for 3-4 hours, and don’t forget to prepare chili sauce for the spread of flavor, salt, salt and salt.


Don’t let beef stay on fire on a burning burning stove- make it with chilisab, rice or warm rice Sundanese-style Maranggi satay is ready for you to enjoy, and it’s appropriate to eat this dish while it’s warm.


West Java’s regular drinks must be tested to refresh

Eating at night is suitable for West German spices called Bandarat. The stages of methods for food and drink are always  included,  and it is said that they were born to people living in the West Java Highlands.


The plateau is the same as its cold temperature, and this ginger-based drinking water is used by the people around them You don’t have to go to the West Java highlands and enjoy it.


Make your own closet at home by preparing brown sugar and spice, boil three drinks together while warming up, and other items such as local eggs, lemongrass, caramels and other things to add flavours.


When moving from a warm meal, West Java also has a special drink that refreshes the sun when it gets hot. Unlike Dawet ice made from powder, the  recipe you can find in the West  Java Food and Beverage Recipe book, is made from hunter flour or green flour.


Add panda leaf water and drain the cooked Hankwei flour and sugi leaf water to dye, adding a small star, white water, salt and salt to taste. When thick, you can print the cindo using a filter and ice cream.


They also cook a little salt for coconut milk, panda, and cinder. Brown sugar and water can be mixed with cooked until the water is slightly thicker, and do not forget to add good icebergs.


Other easy and fast West Javenian food and drink recipes

In addition to the above food and drinks, West Java has other lists that can be easily performed at home, one of which is a combination or an oncondigero (interior).


To supplement this food, this food is made from oncon and made from cassava that covers the outer skin. It is relatively easy to cook and prepare certain items for the dough below.


  1. Pure cassava 1kg
  2. Half the size of coconuts
  3. Salt
  4. Garlic 3 cloves
  5. Waterfall 3 Clovis
  6. Pee 1 1 Toe Part


Use the following items in connection with combination.

  1. Oncom
  2. Onions and contaminants are 5 each.
  3. Physical pepper to taste
  4. Pepper, salt, sugar to taste
  5. Leaks and Kimanji


First, you need to add income by making fun of all the supplements until they are fragrant. While waiting, smooth the outside skin with garlic and onions, mixing with the casava and thanks to the coconut.


Take the 1-2 tablespoons of the bread sheet outside, fill them with the oncon and shape them around, repeatedly until the dough has run out, and heat the cooking oil and dried until they are golden yellow.


In addition to combining, other West Javan specialties include Lotek, Tofupe, Tilapia Pismoel, Concutsense, and many more. All the methods of oyan ice, stage ice,  regular West Javan food and drinks for drinks such as olive ice and other drinks  are readily available on the Internet and in cooking books.

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