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An exciting experience when visiting Western Java tourism, dare you try?

Starting  with wisata mountains, beaches, forests, parks, to exit areas, everything you can choose as you like.

Geographically, the province of Bandung is  located   to the west of java island  .

Speaking  of West Java’s tourist attractions  , almost all regents/cities have their own characteristics and tend to be very complete, Almost all variants of destinations exist until culinary is so delicious. Naturally, West Java also gets its nickname as a tourist paradise with high visits every year.

In addition, there are religious and cultural tours, also The tendency of the people of West Java, in fact, most of the Sundan tribe in preserving their culture makes the atmosphere of local wisdom so thick.

Rows of Popular Wisata Objects Посетенwan Tour

The wealth of West Javan tourism with all its potential is beyond doubt. It has been proven that almost all tourist destinations are always full of local and even foreign tourists.   There are so many tourist attractions that are very popular for their natural beauty to never be deserted.

Who does not know that the beach in southeastern West Java has fine white sand with clean water. Pangandaran was never absent from empty visitors until it was designated the best beach.

The Green Canyon has become no less beautiful. The Green Canyon, or often called Cukang Taneuh, is located 31 km from Pangandaran Beach. When you visit, you will be treated to rows of shaded trees with rising high rocks. Usually visitors enjoy his charm by  taking a boat or swimming in the area.

If you want challenges,  The river  located in sukabumi is  a  popular  tourist spot on West Java for you to want to test your adrenaline.    sport of rafting on the site.

In addition to the beaches, West Java is rich in  waterfalls between Cicasso Located  near Jung Genteng.

Trying West Java’s typical culinary is addictive

Visiting tourist attractions in West Java feels less when you haven’t tried its signature culinary. Rice wrapped in teak leaves has existed since Dutch colonization.  the price is very acceptable.

Tired of processed rice, there is nothing wrong with trying to make a icing. The process is so legendary in West Java, especially Bandung. One bowl contains eggs, bean sprigs, mustard greens, and chromium that later added fillings of meat to the meatballs. At first glance, it looks like chicken noodles, however, the taste of the soup is very different.

Karedok must be familiar with hearing the name of the food. Typical culinary made from raw vegetables is served completely with a delicious peanut spice.

When the stomach grows, there is nothing wrong with trying lengko rice.  Rice accompanied by a combination of vegetables and fried foods is so delicious that you eat during the day   .

Fried beans are the next culinary dish no less delicious. Many people think thatifthe beans are processed by frying, in fact, they are actually cooked.   The name is fried because the beans areboiled in the frying pan  .

West Java holiday tipples

Backpack-style holidays besides a challenge are also   suitable for you to be limited in financial affairs  .

In addition, the most important thing is to prepare the necessary budget. Because the holiday will be backpack-style even though the budget is limited, how many of them must be managed in such a way that they do not lack. It is therefore important to take into account all needs, including the choice of tourist destination. Just bring something as necessary so you don’t get too problematic during the trip.

If the holiday is done for several days, then you should choose a holiday with cheap rental prices. Not only cheap but must be strategically close to some of your tourist destinations. The reason is certainly to save on transportation costs since the budget you have is very limited. So it only has to be saved for important purposes.

The next advice is to try to eat on street vendors. Food sold on the street is usually, except it is delicious, the price is relatively cheap   .

Recommended souvenirs for cheap holiday family

To be satisfied with traveling around enjoying a holiday in West Java is important to buy typical souvenirs as innate. Among the typical west Java souvenirs often hunted by tourists is dodol garut. Dodol is the most famous snack, and the price is cheap.

Dodol is very easy to find throughoutthe western Java region, especially gift shops  .

Besides the dodol  , there is chocod. The chocod is another variant combining dodol and chocolate    .

If it happens to be in Lembang, it is mandatory to buy milk tofu. In appearance, it is similar to tofu in general, but in terms of texture, it is very different. When eating acourse, it feels soft in the mouth because the milk is added during its production.   Because the taste is unusual, it is natural that lembang milk tofu has always been a favorite.

For dry shavens, it is mandatory to buy oncom chips and tempeh. Oncom chips are basically made from fermented peanuts then dried and cut. In  addition, there are many other souvenirs found, taking a vacation in western Java tourist attractions even more exciting.

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