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How to contact the Mega Call Center and the most common questions

In this article , we will discuss how to  contact the Mega Call Centre and what are the most common questions from customers  . In fact , there are currently many banking products that you can choose in Indonesia and are regulated by individual or non-individual needs .

Mega Bank itself is an Indonesian company in the form of a limited company.  Of course  , you already know  that Mega Bank  is engaged in banking financial services based in Carta  . Mega Bank has been around since 1992, which is part of CT Corp .

In general , like banking products , Mega Bank also has savings products . The savings product also offers transaction services such as transportation , cash backs , balance checks , payments , purchases , groceries and more . Of course ,    there is also a Mega Call Centre that is ready to serve the customer if there are complaints of criticism or suggestions .

The difference is that you can enjoy a variety of benefits such as grocery promos with debit cards where you can get a 5% discount when buying in transit . Then  there are other award programs for customers that are actually eligible and are still highly promoted that are equal to other events  .

 Selection of savings products from Bank Mega

One of the most common   things you    are often asked at mega-call centres is about spam products where you are usually asked by future customers who want to open the savings account  . In fact , there are several products that you can choose according to your needs , including :

  1. Mega Dana is a relationship commonly used by individual customers where the savings provide a fair level of development benefit with the initial reserve of 100,000.
  2. Mega Maxi is almost identical to the Mega Box , without the first large reserve being one million .
  3. Mega Ultima is a product used to target high-end buyers with an initial reserve of 100 million
  4. Mega Faric is a form of savings that requires a medium to secure investments and transactions in different foreign currencies .
  5. Mega plan , this product is a so-called savings product that can help you find order in savings for specific purposes , for example saving tourists ‘ goals , property and others
  6. Mega  Barbeji , as the name suggests that you have special savings for donations , for example , your savings are distributed for the construction of schools , places of worship and others  .
  7. Mega Pardana is a savings account for children who have a unique personality design in the above books and ATMs .
  8. The bank ‘s mega-sara savings are in accordance with sharia law and are personal and commercial .

Indeed , some people are very interesting about bank mega products  , so it is not unusual for them to contact mega call centres for details about these products .  This banking company provides a variety of options so you can decide to choose savings according to your needs .

How did we open an account at Mega Bank ?

When you know different types of savings beforehand , it is time to choose which types of savings are most recommended . The question often  asked by future customers is how to open an account where you actually go directly to the branch office .

Accounting requirements are very easy on your own , you should provide one of the identification cards , for example , such as a empty card , driver ‘s license or passport , then NPWP , 60 july duty and the initial reserve product you choose . You also need to attach the company ‘s legal documents if it is used for business purposes .

After the above requirements are completed , you can come to the nearest office of the Mega Bank branch .After you  are asked to fill out the account opening form in the customer service section  . Just follow the instructions , if you have , you will receive a debit card that is also through the above book .

Many try to contact the Mega Call Centre because they want to open an online  account. Mega Bank provides facilities to open an online account , in a whole digital age , of course , people also want facilities to make banking services supported by the Internet bank and mobile banking very famous.

For those of you who want to open an online account , the trick is to register in Mega ATM . Www.bankmega.comfinancial transactions and  register  online by activating a one-time password or OTP  .  So you can choose the ways you think are simple according to your needs .

How to transmit obstacles or complaints at the Mega Call Center ?

The next question about Mega Bank is when customers experience problems or want to submit complaints about spam products or services . In fact , it is very easy if you want to submit your complaint , just see the official Mega Bank website , details are as follows :

  1. You just need access to the site
  2. Search for an option about us .
  3. Contact us
  4. Then it will be the customer ‘s care page , then click the customer complaint form .
  5. Fill out the customer ‘s complaint data starting from the problem category , account information includes account type , account number , name , address , phone , email , etc .
  6. As well as filling out the details of the complaint , such as the date of the nominal incident and the statement
  7. Then click Present

In addition to the above method  , you can actually contact the Mega Call Centre or come directly to the branch office , so you can submit a complaint directly  . There are also a few numbers to contact that allow you to make complaints easily   .

Bank Mega Complaint Number or Call Center

In addition to coming directly to the branch office or submitting a complaint on the customer complaint form , you can then contact the hotline service . Even on the main page of the site , you can contact Leutcht services at the bottom right of the site display .

You only click on the Livechat service and it will automatically change to a WhatsApp application . So you can chat on 0822 0822 5000 through the WhatsApp application .  You  can  talk by  phone on 080 4150 0010 family and + 62 21 29601600 abroad .

Without  going to the Mega Call Centre , you can also criticisms , suggestions and complaints via e-mail . The BSA also contacts social media accounts , sending messages or direct messages on Bank Mega ‘s Facebook , Twitter , Entagara accounts , but make sure that these social media accounts are actually official bank mega accounts . D.

As it is known   , there are currently fake bank social media accounts that actually harm you if you are not cautious when presenting complaints or problems . Make sure the social media account is the official account , facebook account :  BankMegaID, Twitter: BankMegaID, Instasert: BankMegaID.

Mega Bank always prioritizes customer satisfaction that there are many choices you can choose , if you want to contact customer services directly for the inconvenience or complaints you are experiencing  . You should actually   contact the Mega Call Centre at the top hotline number to advise you directly .

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