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Pick me up and the Infinix service center is at your service

One of the most popular smartphone brands in Indonesia today, Infinix Service Centers are easy to find everywhere  . As we all know, Infinix is one of the rising brands today, too. The number of users is climbing day by day

Otherwise, this Chinese brand gives smartphones at an extraordinary price. This is so long city also. Sifang’s sales also increased significantly.

Although the trial is for the consumer, the reputation is still lost. If you encounter this, please do not worry. Sub-can multi-party access to the Infinix Service Center

There are many sub-test service centers, and I strongly recommend sub-test to use it. This method uses “pick me up”. This Infinix is also provided for the quality service of customers.

What is Pick Me Up

Pick Me Up for Infinix customers, 30 kilometers away from the service center and 2 minutes by car. Of course, this would go a long way in serving those who are really subject to this limitation.

This is a set of digits with Infinix smartphones. Therefore, the system will be automatically detected in place. If you sit on a false number, if you are far away, and you want to do it in vain, then what you ask for is fixed

Therefore, users of the Infinix Service Center must consider it first. Given the large number of Infinix users, you must  be patient, and there must be a special list of things to order this Pick Me Up

This is inherently useful and can be used in the Infinix process. However, those who come before this will be sufficient.

Pick-up terms and conditions

With the Infinix customer service center thing, that is, to allow the developer to add the article to the article. If one of them is insufficient, it is considered inconvenient

Therefore, you must know the scope of application. That is, this infinix customer uses Pick Me Up to follow through.

  1. Take things only for warranty Infinix manufacturers. If the warranty period has expired, it will not be reinstated.
  2. Get this Infinix Service Center , the seal must be completed. If it proves that the seal has been broken and repaired by him, it shall be regarded as a right to failure
  3. The LCD touch screen of the Infinix smartphone is still complete. If the score is damaged, the right is lost.
  4. If you use this, you must attach a warranty card. Not only that, but also the purchase receipt must be attached to the repair kit.
  5. Attached is the final photo of the Infinix service center Photos must be emailed to Infinix
  6. Have a box or boxes to cover the Infinix device. Please also keep formal wear and use Infinix products to avoid contact on the way to the service center.
  7. The customer has an email from the Infinix Center to allow the customer to be repaired. In this case, the courier will come to pick up the goods immediately.

When you wish to use an Infinix Service Center for pickup, please ensure that you are sufficient. If there is a deficiency, please do what you want

There is nothing to fix either

As discussed before, there are several products that cannot be Pick Me Up and he serves the service center to repair it. It is advisable to avoid it, and repair it first and then warranty. Here are the also.

  1. The warranty period for the Infinix item in the market has expired. If the warranty period expires, Infinix will not be harmed.
  2. The damage is caused by people. Therefore, it is not the failure of the engine Infinix smartphone also.
  3. Jun Infinix mobile phone was repaired by him before Infinix was repaired.
  4. The damage of natural disasters also.

However, if there is a license, it is necessary to have the Infinix service center matter. However, if the repair is completed, a service fee will be charged

Why PIck Me Up for Infinix

Please know that you have to take several steps to get this done. Pick Me Up SerVice will be the central service center. Operating hours are Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00 WIB

When taking the Infinix Service Center Central Press  1×24. Please follow the steps below to get the best service for this service

  1. Email theid@carlcare.com address
  2. Fill in the email subject: Pick Me Up Infinix – (Juncheng)
  3. Fill in the following fields in the email you send.

3.1  Full Name

3.2  Completion

3.3 Inanimate

3.4  Cities/Counties

3.5  Postal Code

3.6  When Picking Up Goods

3.7  Son has infinix smartphones too

3.8 Infinix IMEI number (15 digits).

3.9 colors

3.10 The birth of the child also

3.11  Send HP Photo

If this number is sufficient. Infinix will be published at 1×24 hours. The Infinix courier will then take the damaged items to the service center to repair them.

If you would like to ask about the repair process and the pick-up you will be able to, you can visit the official website  www.carlcare.com call the official number of the Infinix Service Center 081807921583 and send an email hotline.id@carlcare.com


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