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The Nissan Service Center  provides various services to your car.

Within Indonesia itself,  there are already several Nissan service centers  spread across the region.  The company entered Indonesia from the ’60s. The first product to enter Indonesia was the Datsun car. Originally the Japanese company was known as Kwashinsa.

And it was established from 1911, and later changed its name to Nissan in 1934. Hence, Nissan is trusted by its loyal customers, one of whom is based in Indonesia. Apart from staying in Indonesia for a long time, it is also due to good service.

The company  continues to strive to make its loyal customers comfortable and the Nissan service center to gain convenience in terms of service. This service could be in terms of car service and purchase of Nissan products. In addition to this  , Nissan has  also been overseeing the  Datsun  brand  so far where it has focused on datsun truck models.

But now there is the Datsun intended for passenger vehicles as Nissan already has its own market in the country.   As well as  the best service is also best offered so that customers or customers are more comfortable in using various products from Nissan.

Nissan Service Center Service No.

The service  centres  mentioned above are briefly explained.  We will do our best to serve the society.   For yourself  , you can contact the service center that is ready to serve 24 hours a day at 14023.   This number is the Nissan Care online assistance, an abbreviation of which is Nicole.

The PEservice Nicole 24H  is  ready to provide  the necessary or just the information. In addition to the above number, you can also contact via email Here are some of the services and information that can be obtained when contacting the contact above.  

  1. All the information about  a product, from specifications to prices.   Information about  sales and  management services, promotions, and events that are organized or organized.
  2. Information about the location and contact of the dealer.
  3. Help arrange service appointments
  4. Receiving complaints/complaints with the dealer’s service  for  products
  5. Help set up  ERA24 and mobile service services.

Some of the services that can be obtained by contacting a Nicole 24H contact are mentioned above. Nothing but these services are offered so that customers are more comfortable and trust the products we sell. If you have a complaint or  want to know information about the specifications of the product.

Nissan Service Center, Appointment Service

At the points mentioned above, it  has been conveyed whether you can service the appointment by calling 14023 on Nicole.  What is this appointment service means that you have to specify the date and day of service performing the service at the nearest dealer providing this service.

This is intended for you as a customer to get many benefits from one of our best types of services later on. Here are some of the benefits that you can get from this appointment service. First,   you don’t have to be in a queue if you order the service.

Secondly, your  car has the highest priority and is worked directly by the technicians there. This happens because the components are ready for the facilities. With this, the estimated time to complete it will change rapidly and you can resume the activity.

If you want to use the appointment service,  there are a number of things that you need to prepare in advance  . First, you  need to prepare data  on your car  such as police number, car type and transmission.  Contact the dealer by phone to manage this Nissan service center. To know the dealer’s contact, you can first contact 14023.  

If you wish to do the service, it  is recommended to contact 1 week before  taking up the service.   Provide information on which  type of service to choose.   Try to visit  the service area  15 minutes earlier than the agreed time  and immediately register in the Nissan Service Advisor section.

If so,   you can wait with peace of mind by enjoying the conveniences the dealer provides to its customers. After that, the vehicle is completed in service and can be taken home. That is a service that can be obtained from the appointment service of the Nissan Service Center   .

Mobile Service Dari Nissan Service Center

The next service is a mobile service or it is called a visiting service.   This service is perfect for those who do not have time to visit the workshop at  a nearby dealer.   This service can be ordered through the number 14023 or through the contact of the dealer providing this service.

This is because not all dealers across Indonesia  offer services like Nissan service centers. Especially with a pandemic like this, you should only contact the concerned dealer who can enjoy the service at your home. Before ordering this service, make sure that the following things are resolved first.

  1. The car is not in a 40,000 km service interval because the interval requires special equipment.
  2. For certain types of cars, you can check through the official Nissan website at for information on the list of cars.
  3. Full information, which is only available in specific areas and dealers, can be found on the official Nissan website.
  4. Provide sufficient location for two cars with a distance of about 1 meter.
  5. The service area should be flat, flat and strong, because later if you need a jack stand, it will be strong to support.
  6. Not on the road.
  7. If the service is being organized around the office or apartment area, try to see if you have taken permission from the manager or not.

If it is confirmed that the above things have been fulfilled, order this one service. This kind of service is nothing but a convenience for Nissan brand customers across Indonesia. Although it is not spread equally for various services , the service center still tries its best.

ERA24 service from Nissan Service Center

To get ERA24 or emergency roadside assistance 24 hours a day, members are required first. Generally for ERA24 it is obtained after purchasing Nissan products and is only available in specific coverage areas.   Here are some things related to ERA24 services.

  1. Emergency services are free for  vehicles with  punctured tyres, weak  batteries  , running out of fuel, car keys locked inside while  on the road  .
  2. Accept towing services for free  .
  3. Get a free subscription to Nissan ERA24  for 3 years  on new Nissan vehicles  and  can use it in many cities with ERA24 facilities.
  4. If you want to be a member of Nissan ERA24, this can be done at the nearest dealership  by the Customer Relations Officer, which will cost 300 thousand for maintenance. The required files are photocopy of KTP, photocopy of STNK, photo proof of membership sticker.
  5. The membership is valid for up to 2 years  only and can be renewed only

The main purpose of all the services offered by Nissan by its customers is that Nissan takes care of the convenience of its customers. In addition,  to increase customer confidence at Nissan service centers spread across all parts of  Indonesia.

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